The Selina, Gemima + Violet Suites

These vintage wedding invitations are perfect if you are looking for a rock and roll swing tea party theme.  Featuring vintage retro characters and retro fonts.

These tri-fold wedding invitations are a relaxed alternative to the separates and holds all your info on one solid piece, but can also be adapted into separates if preferred.


CARDSTOCK: You can have this printed on a variety of card stocks and even mix and match for an alternative look :

  • white hammered card 280 gsm

  • white linen card 280 gsm

  • brown recycled kraft card 200 gsm

  • plantable seeded paper - once used, simply plant and watch the wild flowers grow! I also use an eco printer which ties in nicely with an eco friendly/sustainable wedding.

If you would like to see the print and paper quality before you order, then you can order a sample which consists of an un-personalised sample pack containing an rsvp and information cards (unless its a tri-fold, in which case you will receive the full invite).